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Title: Uncle Wiggily's Auto Sled

Author: Howard Roger Garis

Illustrator: Lang Campbell

Release date: November 7, 2015 [eBook #50405]

Language: English

Credits: E-text prepared by David Edwards, Emmy, and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team ( from page images generously made available by the Google Books Library Project (



E-text prepared by David Edwards, Emmy,
and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team
from page images generously made available by
the Google Books Library Project


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Uncle Wiggly's Auto Sled


Bookplate: This little book is from the libray of -----  When you have read and laughed with glee please bring this book right back to me

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Uncle Wiggily’s Auto Sled
How Mr. Hedgehog Helped Him Get Up the Slippery
Hill and How Uncle Wiggily Made a Snow
Pudding. Also What Happened in
the Snow Fort.
Text By
Author of Three Little Trippertrots and Bed Time Stories

Pictured By

NEWARK, N.J.                 ——            NEW YORK

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So if the spoon holder doesn’t go down cellar and take the coal shovel away from the gas stove, you may read

Every book has three stories, including the title story.

Handwritten: Uncle Wiggily with paw print and "His Mark" under the paw

[Pg 3]

Uncle Wiggly and Nurse Jane stuck in car in snow trying to go uphill

One day Uncle Wiggily Longears took Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy for an auto ride. “I suppose a sleigh ride would be more stylish,” spoke Uncle Wiggily, “but I have no cutter.” Nurse Jane said the auto would suit her very well, and away they went. But soon they came to the bottom of a steep and slippery hill. “Will the auto go up?” asked Nurse Jane. “Oh, I guess so,” answered Uncle Wiggily, but it did not. The wheels slipped and skidded. “Oh, dear!” cried Nurse Jane. “What shall we do?” Uncle Wiggily also wondered.

[Pg 4]

Trying to go up backwards

After trying two or three times to get up the ice-covered hill, and finding his wheels kept slipping, Uncle Wiggily said: “I will try a new plan.” “Are you going to put chains on?” asked Nurse Jane. “I have none, or I would,” said Mr. Longears. “But I’ll try going up the hill backwards.” So the auto was turned around and Uncle Wiggily tried it that way. But the wheels whizzed around, and the auto stayed in the same place—at the foot of the hill. “We shall never get anywhere at this rate,” said Nurse Jane.

[Pg 5]

Nurse Jane  pushing

“Are you pushing, Nurse Jane?” cried Uncle Wiggily, as he turned on more gasolene. “Are you pushing?” The muskrat lady, who had gotten out and was in back of the auto, answered: “Am I pushing? Well, I should say I was! Aren’t we going up the hill?” Uncle Wiggily gave a look. “We aren’t going up a bit,” he answered. With all Nurse Jane’s pushing, the auto seemed to be slipping back instead of going ahead. “What shall we do?” asked the muskrat lady. “I don’t know,” sadly answered Uncle Wiggily.

[Pg 6]

Jackie and Peetie with sleds talking to Uncle Wiggly and Nurse Jane

“What’s the matter, Uncle Wiggily?” asked Jackie. “Won’t your auto go up the hill?” The rabbit gentleman shook his head. “We can’t get up,” he said. “Maybe we could help,” offered Peetie. The two Bow Wow doggie boys had come along with their sleds to coast on the hill. “Thank you for offering, but how could you help get Uncle Wiggily’s auto up?” asked Nurse Jane. “He could put our sleds under the front wheels,” said Jackie, “and then he would have an auto sled. Maybe it would go up easier then.”

[Pg 7]

all in car wth sleds attached

“It was very kind of you to offer me your sleds,” said Uncle Wiggily to Jackie and Peetie. The sleds of the doggie boys were tied to the two front wheels of the auto with ropes. “Now we will surely go up the hill!” said Nurse Jane. So they all got in the machine again, and Uncle Wiggily started off. But alas! Once more the back wheels spun around like an alarm clock. “Oh, we shall never get up,” said Nurse Jane. “And I am afraid something is going to happen! Suppose the Pipsisewah and Skeezicks come along now?”

[Pg 8]

 Pipsisewah and the Skeezicks looking down hill at Uncle Wiggly's car

“What did I tell you!” cried the Pipsisewah to the Skeezicks. “This is our lucky day.” The Skee sort of wrinkled up his nose preposterous like and remarked: “Lucky day? What do you mean?” The Pipsisewah, with his paw, pointed to Uncle Wiggily, Nurse Jane and Jackie and Peetie Bow Wow, still in the auto sled at the foot of the hill. “That is what I mean—souse!” grunted the Pip. “There is Uncle Wiggily at the foot of a slippery hill. He can’t get up, and we can catch him. Are you with me?” The Skee said: “Yes!”

[Pg 9]

Mr Porcupine Hedgehog approaches car

“What seems to be the trouble, Uncle Wiggily?” asked Mr. Prickly Porcupine Hedgehog, as he came walking along. “What’s the matter?” Mr. Longears stopped the wheels from spinning. “The matter is this hill is so slippery we can’t get up. Our wheels skid, even though the boys’ sleds are in front.” Mr. Hedgehog gave a sneeze. “I can help you.” “How, if you please?” asked Nurse Jane. “I have a lot of loose, sharp quills, like horseshoe nails,” answered Mr. Porcupine. “Fasten them to your wheels.”

[Pg 10]

two Squigglebugs, and the rest of cast wach Uncle Wiggly attaching quills to back wheels

“It is very lucky you came along, Mr. Hedgehog,” said Uncle Wiggily, as, with the doggie boys to help, the rabbit gentleman tied some of the loose, sharp quills around the rear wheels of his auto. “Yes, I am glad I had plenty of loose quills,” spoke the porcupine gentleman. “They will be the same as a lot of stickery spikes and your wheels won’t slip any more. Take a few more quills, and I have another ball of cord.” But Uncle Wiggily had enough string. “Oh, hurry!” squeaked the Squiggle Bugs.

[Pg 11]

Pipsisewah and Skeezicks just miss car as it gets away

Just as Uncle Wiggily, Jackie and Peetie finished putting the sharp, stickery quills of Mr. Hedgehog Porcupine on the auto wheels, along came the Pipsisewah and Skeezicks. “We want souse!” they cried. But the rabbit gentleman and his friends jumped into the auto sled, and away they went. The wheels did not skim around because the stickery quills caught on the ice, and they sent up a shower of frozen splinters into the faces of the two bad chaps. “Hurray! now we are safe!” cried the jolly Squiggle Bugs, and all was well.

[Pg 12]

And if the Parrot doesn’t go fishing with the lollypop
stick, and catch the Canary Bird when it’s
playing tag with the loaf of bread, the next
pictures and story will tell how

Pipsisewah with snout bandaged

Uncle Wiggily Made a Pudding, and the Skeezicks Came Around. But He Was Quite Surprised to Find the Nutmegs Were Unground.

[Pg 13]

Uncle Wiggly shoveling walk while Nurse Jane calls from doorway

“What are you going to do when you finish shoveling that path, Uncle Wiggily?” asked Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy, the muskrat lady housekeeper. “Oh, nothing special,” answered the bunny rabbit. “Then perhaps you will take this pail of rice pudding over to Mr. Twistytail, the pig gentleman?” asked Nurse Jane. “He isn’t feeling very well, and maybe some rice pudding will do him good.” “I’ll take it over as soon as I finish cleaning off the snow,” said the rabbit gentleman.

[Pg 14]

Uncle Wiggly taking bucket of rice pudding to Mr Twistytail but runs into Floppy and Curly

“Well, where are you going, Floppy and Curly?” asked Uncle Wiggily, as he met the two piggie boys with their snow plow when he was on his way to take Nurse Jane’s rice pudding to Mr. Twistytail. “Oh, we were just making a path to your bungalow,” answered Floppy. “Well, I am going to your house, to take your father some rice pudding, because he is ill,” said the rabbit gentleman. “Good!” grunted Floppy and Curly. “We’ll ride you there on our snow plow.”

[Pg 15]

Mr Twistytail with feet in steaming bath, wrapped in blanket with cap on eating rice pudding

Curly and Floppy gave Uncle Wiggily a nice ride to their pen-house. When the rabbit gentleman saw Mr. Twistytail sitting near the fire, wrapped in a bed quilt, and with his feet in a tub of hot water, Mr. Longears was very sorry for his friend. “Eat some of Nurse Jane’s rice pudding. That will make you feel better.” Mr. Twistytail gave Floppy and Curly each a taste of the pudding. “Oh, I wish there was a whole lot of it!” grunted Curly! and Floppy said the same thing. “I’ll make a pudding,” promised Uncle Wiggily.

[Pg 16]

Floppy watching Uncle Wiggly make a pie

“Oh, will you really make us a pudding?” asked Floppy. “I’ll make you a snow pudding. Just ask your mother to let me take some eggs, sugar, molasses, nutmeg and a few things like that. Then I’ll easily make a snow pudding.” Curly and Floppy clapped their feet in delight. “But our mother isn’t home,” said Floppy. She went to the store for some medicine for Daddy’s cold. Mr. Longears said Mrs. Twistytail didn’t really need to be home. “We’ll go to the kitchen and make the pudding ourselves,” he added.

[Pg 17]

Both little pigs watching Uncle Wiggly bake

“Let me see now,” said Uncle Wiggily, as the pudding was almost finished. “I have put in the sugar, milk, eggs and cocoanut. And you put in the snow, to make it like ice cream, didn’t you, Curly, my boy?” The little piggie chap said he had put in plenty of snow. “And now I have forgotten how to put in the nutmegs to make the pudding spicy. I forget whether you put them in whole like hickorynuts, or grate them up fine, like powder. I really have forgotten. I guess I’ll put them in whole.”

[Pg 18]

Uncle Wiggly puts pie outside to cool

At last the snow pudding was finished. Uncle Wiggily dropped into it the box full of whole, hard, round nutmegs. “They ought to give it a fine flavor—just like lemonade,” said the rabbit gentleman, as he set the pudding out in the snow of the back porch to cool and freeze, like ice cream. Curly and Floppy were sure they would. “We’ll give daddy some of the nice snow pudding when he wakes up,” said Floppy. “And we’ll save some to give mother when she comes home,” spoke Curly.

[Pg 19]

Pipsisewah and Skeezicks start to eat the pie

“Hello! What have we here?” asked the Pipsisewah, as he and the Skeezicks jumped over the snow drift and sneaked up to the piggie boys’ house. The Skeezicks gave a grunt: “I was just wondering that myself. I saw Uncle Wiggily set it out. It must be something good.” They took a sniff and the Pip cried: “It’s a pudding! Hurray! Lucky I have this long-handled spoon! I’ll dip it in and we’ll take turns eating this pudding. If we can’t get Uncle Wiggily’s souse we’ll have his pudding. Come on!”

[Pg 20]

Uncle Wiggly catches them in the act

“Here you are, my friend,” said the Pipsisewah, as he dipped up a large spoonful of the snow pudding, and held it out toward the skinny Skeezicks. “Have a big bite.” The Skeezicks saw something dropping from the spoon the Pip had just used. “What are those things?” asked the Skee. “Oh, just large, fat juicy raisins, I guess,” the Pip answered. “Take a hard bite now, and I’ll do the same.” As the Pip and Skee were eating the pudding Uncle Wiggily opened the door and saw them. He and the boys were surprised.

[Pg 21]

They run away while Uncle Wiggly and the piglets laugh

“Ha! Ha!” laughed Uncle Wiggily as he saw the Pip and Skee run away. “Ho! Ho! That’s the time I fooled them!” They saw the bad chaps running away, holding their jaws. “They bit too hard on the nutmegs in our pudding,” said the bunny rabbit. “I remember, now, I should have grated the nutmeg. It’s just as well I didn’t, or else the Pip and the Skee would have eaten it all. I can pick out the whole nutmegs, grate one, and our pudding will be as good as ever.” And it was.

[Pg 22]

Now if the lemonade doesn’t slip on the butter knife, and
fall downstairs when the teacup is trying to dance
in the sugar bowl, the next pictures and
story will tell how

Squirrel with a snowball

The Bad Pip, Skee and Fox Chased Uncle Wiggily and the Bunny Thought Surely He Would Be Caught. But the Snow Fort Saved Him.

[Pg 23]

Uncle Wiggly holding Suzy's hand while boys frolic on ice and in snow

Uncle Wiggily Longears, the bunny rabbit gentleman, was out walking in the snow-covered fields one day, when he met Sammie and Susie Littletail, the two rabbit children, and Johnnie and Billie Bushytail, the two squirrel brothers. “Where are you going, Uncle Wiggily?” asked Susie. “Oh, just to look for an adventure,” replied Mr. Longears. “Don’t you want to come?” They started, Uncle Wiggily holding Susie’s paw, the boys throwing snowballs. “I’d like to see the bad Pipsisewah or Skeezicks now!” said Billie.

[Pg 24]

Uncle Wiggly and children with the Pipsisewah, Skeezicks  and a bad fox on the horizon

“Why do you want to see the Pipsisewah or Skeezicks, Billie?” asked Johnnie, the other squirrel boy. “Oh, so I could throw snowballs at ’em!” answered Billie, “and pay them back for trying to get Uncle Wiggily’s souse.” The bunny rabbit made some holes in the snow with his red, white and blue-striped rheumatism crutch, and then, all of a sudden, Susie cried: “Well, you have you wish, Billie Bushytail! Look, there’s the Skeezicks now, and the Pipsisewah and bad fox are with him! Oh! Oh! What shall we do?”

[Pg 25]

Running way from the enemies

When Uncle Wiggily saw the bad Pipsisewah, the Skeezicks and the fuzzy fox, the rabbit gentleman said: “Come on! We must run as fast as we can to get away from these creatures!” And Uncle Wiggily ran, pulling Susie along by her paw. Johnnie and Billie scampered along. “Take your white handkerchief off that stick, Sammie!” called Billie to the rabbit boy. “Else they’ll think we have surrendered, and we haven’t—we’re going to fight ’em! Take down the white flag!”

[Pg 26]

Uncle Wiggly poking

“Run along, children, run along!” cried Uncle Wiggily. Sammie and Susie and Johnnie and Billie ran over the hard, cold water of a frozen brook. “What are you going to do, Uncle Wiggily?” asked Susie, when the little rabbit girl was safe on the other side of the brook. “I’m going to make a hole in the ice so the Pip, the Skee and the fox can’t cross and get us, I hope.” With his crutch he made a hole in the ice. But the Pip, Skee and fox had not given up the chase. On they came, faster and faster.

[Pg 27]

Enemies using boards to cross

After Uncle Wiggily had chopped a hole in the ice with his crutch, he ran on with the animal children. But Susie, looking back, cried: “Oh, Uncle Wiggily! See what they’re doing!” And, surely enough, the bad chaps had pulled some boards off a fence, and, making a bridge of them, they crossed the hole in the ice and still kept on after Uncle Wiggily and the animal children. “We must have our souse to-day,” said the Pip; also the Skee, and the funny fox joined in the chorus.

[Pg 28]

Uncle Wiggly carrying Suzy and crutch while they run away; Billy throwing a snowball

“Oh, Uncle Wiggily!” cried Susie, after she had run on a little farther, after the Pip, Skee and fox had crossed the ice on the fence boards. “Oh, Uncle Wiggily, I can’t go another step!” “I’ll carry you!” said the brave rabbit gentleman. “We won’t leave you behind, Susie, for the bad Pipsisewah!” Susie cuddled down in Uncle Wiggily’s warm, fur coat. Billie threw a snowball at the bad chaps. All of a sudden Sammie cried: “Oh, if we can reach the old snow fort we made last week, maybe we will be saved!”

[Pg 29]

All in snowfort preparing for snowbatlle

Running fast, Uncle Wiggily and his little animal friends reached the old snow fort before the Pip, Skee and fox could catch them. But the bad chaps still came on. “Quick, now!” cried Uncle Wiggily, “we must get ready to snowball the bad chaps!” Susie made herself a little red cross from a piece of Johnnie’s red neckerchief, and Sammie gave his sister his white handkerchief to tear up into bandages in case any of them should be hurt in the battle soon to take place. “We want souse!” howled the Pip.

[Pg 30]

The battle commences, Skee hit in face with snowball

“Come on now!” cried the Pip to the Skee and fox. “We must charge on them in the fort! We must capture Uncle Wiggily!” The Skee and fox ran up the hill with the Pip. “Ouch! Wouch!” cried the Skee. “Some one hit me in the eye with a snowball!” Uncle Wiggily had made a lot of snowballs for the animal boys to throw at the enemy. “Bang away! Bang away!” cried brave Uncle Wiggily. “Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!” shouted the boys, while Red Cross Nurse Susie was all ready with rolls of bandages.

[Pg 31]

Enemies run away and Uncle Wiggly picks up his hat

The boys throw so many hard snowballs over the wall of the fort at the Pip, Skee and fox, that the bad animals were glad enough to run away. “Oh, wow! Come on out of this!” howled the Pip to the Skee, and down the hill they ran. “Hoist the flag! We’ve won the fight!” cried Sammie. He made a banner from red and blue pieces of Billie’s and Johnnie’s neckerchiefs and pieces of white from his own handkerchief. A hole was in Uncle Wiggily’s hat, but Susie bandaged it up. The snow fort saved Uncle Wiggily.

[Pg 32]

When you have finished reading this nice little book, perhaps you would like to read a larger volume about Uncle Wiggily.

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[Pg 33]

Letter from Uncle Wiggly

Uncle Wiggily
has a message for you

Dear Boys and Girls:—

I know you will like this little book, and I want to tell you something else that my author-father, Mr. Garis, has done for you. He has made a wonderful game, played on a big, beautiful, colored board. It’s all about me and he calls it

The Uncle Wiggily Game

It is sold by all stores and toy-dealers. Ask for The Uncle Wiggily Game.

Yours for happy hours,
Uncle Wiggily



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