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Title: Durham: A Sketch-Book

Author: Robert J. S. Bertram

Release date: March 9, 2017 [eBook #54316]

Language: English

Credits: Produced by Chuck Greif (This file was produced from images
available at Google Books)


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Robert J.S. Bertram


The Cathedral.
[Image of a Bishop's hat unavailable.]
1The Cloisters.
2The North Aide.
3The Galilee.
4Chapel of Nine Altars.
5The Nave.
6Central Tower from Palace Green.
7The Abbey Gate.
8West End: from the River.
The Castle.
[Image of a Knight's helmet unavailable.]
The City.
9Bishop Cosin's Doorway.
10The Great Hall.
11The Courtyard and Chapel.
12The Norman Chapel.
13The Black Staircase.
14View from the Battery.
15Crossgate and St. Margaret's Church.
16Framwellgate Bridge.
17From the Castle battlements.
18Sadler Street.
19The Market Place.
20St. Giles' Church.
21Elvet Bridge.
22St. Oswald's Church.
23North Bailey & St. Mary's Church.
24Prebends Bridge.
Image unavailable: The North Aide.
The North Aide.
Image unavailable: The Galilee.
The Galilee.
Image unavailable: Chapel of Nine Altars.
Chapel of Nine Altars.
Image unavailable: The Nave.
The Nave.
Image unavailable: Central Tower from Palace Green.
Central Tower from Palace Green.
Image unavailable: The Abbey Gate.
The Abbey Gate.
Image unavailable: West End: from the River.
West End: from the River.
Image unavailable: Bishop Cosin's Doorway.
Bishop Cosin's Doorway.
Image unavailable: The Great Hall.
The Great Hall.
Image unavailable: The Courtyard and Chapel.
The Courtyard and Chapel.
Image unavailable: The Norman Chapel.
The Norman Chapel.
Image unavailable: The Black Staircase.
The Black Staircase.
Image unavailable: View from the Battery.
View from the Battery.
Image unavailable: Crossgate and St. Margaret's Church.
Crossgate and St. Margaret's Church.
Image unavailable: Framwellgate Bridge.
Framwellgate Bridge.
Image unavailable: From the Castle battlements.
From the Castle battlements.
Image unavailable: Sadler Street.
Sadler Street.
Image unavailable: The Market Place.
The Market Place.
Image unavailable: St. Giles' Church.
St. Giles' Church.
Image unavailable: Elvet Bridge.
Elvet Bridge.
Image unavailable: St. Oswald's Church.
St. Oswald's Church.
Image unavailable: North Bailey & St. Mary's Church.
North Bailey & St. Mary's Church.
Image unavailable: Prebends Bridge.
Prebends Bridge.

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