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Title: Tea room business

Author: Ida Lee Cary

Release date: July 11, 2022 [eBook #68495]

Language: English

Original publication: United States: A.V. Haight Co, 1920

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Tea Room Business


Mrs. Ida Lee Cary

Dedicated to my daughter


Printed by The A. V. Haight Co.
Poughkeepsie, N. Y.

Copyright, 1920, Ida Lee Cary

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Tea Room Business is the most attractive and profitable way for a woman to earn money in her own home. Though married you will find you can buy many things for yourself and family that you could not buy if you did not have a business of your own.

I hope with my following instruction you will have a profitable business.

Yours for success,
(Mrs.) Ida Lee Cary.

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Care of Tea Room

You may select any pleasant room in your house to use for Tea Room. Have the room well aired every morning and free from dust, you may use one large table or two or three small tables that seat four to a table. If a tablecloth is used in place of doilies, first lay the silent cloth without a crease or wrinkle. Then lay the linen cloth perfectly smooth and even and in the center of your table place a linen centerpiece with a vase of flowers or a small table fern.

If you use candlesticks place them on each side of the flowers, place chairs around the table at each place. Now you are ready to set your table, the silver forks at the left of the plate and knife and spoons at the right of the plate and lay them in the order they are to be used, the first one to be used on the outside. Place a folded napkin at the left of the plate, a bread and butter plate at the tips of the forks with butter spreader laid across the plate. Near the top of each plate individual pepper and salt cellars, at the right of each plate place a glass for water, and sugar bowl and cream pitcher at each end of the table.

Food should be passed at the left and placed at the right. When coffee and tea is served, place a cup at the right of each person.

When clearing off the table, food must be first removed, then the soiled dishes, glass, silver, then crumb. Everything relating to one course must[Pg 4] be removed before serving another course. Soiled plates and dishes should be removed from the right. Glasses for water must be kept filled.

Bread must be freshly cut.

Water must be fresh and cold.

Butter must not be soft and oily.

The sharp edge of knives must be turned toward the plate. Bowls of spoons and tines of forks must be turned up.

Waiter or waitress is responsible for the heat of the dishes after they come from the kitchen, if not hot enough they must be sent back.

When serving fruit, use for each person a fruit plate, on which is a fruit doily, and finger bowl one-third full of warm water. On the plate at the right of the bowl lay a silver fruit knife, on the left of the plate a fruit spoon.

Such things as mustard, vinegar and olive oil cruets which may be wanted, should be in readiness on the side-table or in the pantry.

I think it is a good idea to make a specialty of serving waffles. I found that my waffles pleased everyone. If you advertise that you are serving waffles with maple syrup, chocolate or coffee, I am sure you will have all the business you will be able to attend to. Waffle receipt is in Cook Book under the head of Waffles and Creamed Chicken. I also found my chocolate cake a great favorite with everyone.

With my book of receipts you should make a success of your Tea Room.

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Below I will give you a sample menu just to give you an idea of arrangement, but I will not quote prices.

If there are any questions you wish to ask me in regard to your Tea Room, write me and I will gladly answer them.

Yours for success,
(Mrs.) Ida Lee Cary.


Tea—Breakfast, Ceylon or Japan
After Dinner Coffee
Chocolate or Cocoa with whipped cream
Iced Tea or Coffee
Lemonade, hot or cold


White Bread
Toast, dry or buttered
Creamed Toast
Crackers and Milk
Bread and Milk
Shredded Wheat Biscuits with Cream
Oat Meal with Cream
Corn Flakes with Cream

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Chicken Broth


Lettuce Sandwich
Ham Sandwich
Chicken Sandwich
Chicken Salad Sandwich
Club Sandwich
Nut Sandwich


Boiled Eggs
Fried Eggs
Scrambled Eggs on Toast
Poached Eggs on Toast
Plain Omelette
Ham Omelette
Omelette with Bacon


Ham and Eggs
Bacon and Eggs
Small Steak
Large Porter-house Steak with Mushrooms
Cream Chicken on Toast
Lamb Chops
Fried Chicken
Cold Chicken
Cold Ham
Waffles and Maple Syrup
Waffles and Chicken
Waffles and Steak

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Saratoga Potatoes
Hashed Brown Potatoes
Fried Potatoes
Cream Potatoes
Green Peas
Asparagus Tips on Toast
Creamed Mushrooms on Toast


Fresh Tomato Salad
Lettuce Salad
Orange Salad
Fruit Salad
Chicken Salad


Queen Olives
Stuffed Olives
Salted Almonds
Orange Marmalade


Ice Cream
Grape Fruit
Assorted Fruit

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